White Out Mustang

The White-out is a 1965 Mustang that was a white interior 6 cyl, that is being reborn as a red on red V8 thumping machine. There is a lot that goes into making a car like this. Some of the actions taken for this conversion:

Full new suspension front and back to support the heavier 302

New front spindles, converting 4 lug to the standard V8 5-lug

Remove and replace the 7 1/4 rear with a refinished Ford 8" with new Posi 4.11 gears

On top of the 302 a modern T-5 five speed was installed 

Converted the front brakes to power disc

On top of all the parts and pieces that need to be changed to switch a 6 cyl to a V8, this car also was fully changed from a standard white to the deluxe "Pony" interior. The Mustang now has all the features and options of a fully loaded car from 1965. Including seat belt warning light and hazard switch. Along with the Pony interior it was switched to the GT gauge cluster to match.



White Out is called that only for the fact we had another red '65 Mustang in the shop at the time so we needed to call it something. We were taking the White-out of the car. We loved the look of this black and white interior, but, a lot of the pieces were faded and cracked.


More Power

The Mustang came to us with a in-line 6, that just will not do. A lot must be changed to swap from a in-line 6 to a V8 but first thing is to remove the tiny motor.

Below you can see some before and afters on this car. Some are hard to tell sometimes in photos but not here, white...red. Small, Big. Very fun to gut a painted "done" car this much all in the name of more power.


Spin those Tires

The freshly reconditioned Ford 8" to replace the 4 lug 7-1/4 Added to the rear were a new Posi set of 4.11 gears. All new bearings and seals made this a totally new 8".


Red In

All interior was removed, any paint was stripped and metal fixed where needed. The new interior went in and was upgraded to the Pony interior for a little more style.