Oyler Custom Cycles

Oyler Custom Cycles are 100% hand built motorcycles made right here at Oyler's Speed Shop. We build the frames in house on our custom frame jig. We build the custom gas tanks and fenders on our custom made English Wheel. Everything is hand-made for the perfect fit and style you want on your custom bike.



Above- The Dragon was a fully built custom chopper. One of a kind, Frame, Gas Tank, Fenders, Oil Tank, Handlebars & Seat. Made with an EPA 93" motor.



The Crossbow was hand-built right here at Oyler's Speed Shop. It featured a fully custom made frame, gas tank, front fender, wicked custom handlebars. One off custom made wheels a 6 speed and a monster 124" motor.



Oyler Custom Cycles only use the best in drivetrain. S&S Motors, Baker trans are just a few of the great parts you will find on our Motorcycles.


Oyler Custom Cycles

We are able to build you something totally wild or something based on a set bike you have in mind. This is a totally custom bike with fully build frame, gas tank & fenders with the old school style of a wishbone frame. We can make you something that will stand out from the crowd with a different look or we can build something more stock looking but with the perfect, custom feel just for you. High HP motor to really get around. A cruiser with style and speed unlike every other bike sitting outside the bar.


want to see more oyler custom cycles? click the builds button below and see full build pages for the nomad, crossbow and some progress photos of our bikes.