Nomad - Fully built custom. Custom built frame, gas tank, rear fender, oil tank, springer, & handle bars. It has a perfect S&s 113" motor and a heart stopping, gear banging 5-speed from baker.



Every motorcycle we build gets rolled out front to get a real look at how it stands. If something needs to be changed, now is the time. The customer comes to the shop makes sure they like what they see, how it feels and any handle bar changes are made.


Nice View

The Nomad sits on a massive 300 rear tire. It's rigid frame specs are 6"UP 4"OUT and 48 degree rake. All giving the Nomad a true chopper look and feel.


Take a seat

Every Oyler Custom Cycle has a custom made seat just for that bike. How the seat molds to the bike and the rider is very important for comfort and control. This seat was made out of standard seat foam and black leather. Finished with a copper skull and chain parts from an old Indian Motorcycle.