current projects 

1971 ford bronco


Donkey Kong

The 1971 Ford Bronco came in as a running, fully built car from about 20 years ago. This will be one of the most built, custom Broncos in the world when we are done with the project.


Stock has to Go

Basically stock, it will be changed soon enough.


Take it Apart

The Bronco starts coming apart. Every nut and bolt will be removed to build this one of a kind 4x4.



This is truly a full, frame-off build. Nothing being left stock or alone.


Lift it

Once the body, frame, and diffs are sandblasted the fun starts. A wicked 3.5” suspension lift will be added. Starting with welding an aftermarket shock hoops.



All of the frame and frame suspension is being powder coated in silver vein. The powder is baked on at almost 500 degrees Fahrenheit and is much stronger than paint.

Long term projects

Sometimes, for whatever reason projects take time. Some cars we get in we work on every single day to get it done, to the next step etc. Some cars need more time to move forward, at the Speed Shop we don’t mind customers wanting to take it slow for whatever their reason.

1963 mercury meteor


Mercury Poisoning

1963 Mercury Meteor 2-Door Sedan. With less than 3,000 total Meteors ever made it is rare. Based on the Ford Fairlane this Merc will be getting the Pro-Street treatment. Tubbed, blown and a cage will make this thing really fly.

1964 ford falcon


Black Falcon

1964 convertible, saved from a life of rust after a bad trip of someone trying to make a low-rider. This car will be brought back to very close to stock. 260 motor, 2 speed Ford-o-matic trans. Upgraded suspension but that classic feel. Black with a black top, cherry red interior. Classic Hot Rod!