The crossbow is a look at my bike, pro-street crazy cruz'n machine. with it's tangelo pearl orange paint and it's chrome apes it was made to roll in style and flash.


Sitting Pretty

Crossbow sits and waits after pre-assembly and fab. At this stage we are looking to find and fix any problems that may have came from the extra layer of paint and chrome. After this photo the rear fender was sent off to have the inside covered in a heavy undercoating for protection. On this bike we ran all the wiring inside the frame. Holes are drilled before paint and the metal “washer” is welded around the hole to prevent and stress cracks.


Parts & Pieces

Laying out to get a feel for the amount it takes to build a quality one of a kind chopper. You can also see in this photo one of our wheel blanks used for mock-up. This blank will later become a CNC machined custom wheel.


The Best Part

Ready for a ride. All done, now it's ready to get tested and hit the road. In this photo you can see the huge S&S 124" motor, 6 Speed Baker Trans, custom made one off wheels, bison and ostrich leather seat and the custom Oyler frame with 6" Back-Bone stretch -2" downtube and the 44 degree rake giving it the pro-street sweeping look.