502 Camaro

502 Camaro full restoration  

the 502 is a 1968 camaro that came in for a partial restoration and modernizing. it was a weekend track car missing some things needed for the road. it had a nice 502 big block and 5 speed trans but it was missing some refinement. we fully took the car apart and media-blasted, the trans tunnel was modified to allow for extra room of the 502. repaired any rust and re-painted Chevy inferno orange with a freashly installed black vinyl top. the painted shell had all the missing road worthy parts installed. heater box and windshield wiper system. the "track parts" were removed, installing the battery back to its factory location and fuel shut-off was replaced by the factory radio ANTENNA. we install new custom made interior playing off the outside color. The top end on the motor was freshened up, carb rebuild and powder coated. new road ready suspension was installed. A more road worthy gas tank and fuel pump were added also. a toally new gauge setup was installed using dakata digital gauges. we had to modify a lot of little things to make so many track parts work with a cruzer style build but it really turned out great and we couldn't be happier with the final car. 


Strip & Street

The 502 came in much more strip than street. Our customer wanted to enjoy the car more on the road and give it a nice face-lift while doing so. So many weekend race cars have been chopped and gutted in the name of function at the track. That is all well and good until you want to enjoy and be proud of it on the street.



Dynamat was used all over the car after sandblasting and paint. This is a great part to use and we try and explain the amazing things it does to every customer that gets their car to this stage. It helps with noise control, rattles and even heat.

Most cars come in to the shop almost there, or just need a little TLC. Sometimes we have a car like this where nothing is really wrong, just more ok for the race track than the road. Things get ripped off in the name of speed and weight and its always nice to have them back on a car once you put it back on the road. Along with installing the missing parts we clean, re-finish, paint and powder coat the parts going in so we know they will be in service for years to come.


Modern Flash

This Camaro was given a facelift in the paint as well. The modern Chevy color Inferno Orange was sprayed to give it a splash of new. All new glass and vinyl top plus re-finished stainless steel trim right here at the shop finish off the new look.



Not a lot more needs to be said to a gearhead than 502 but we try to make everything look as well as it works. To match the black powder coated carb we match coated the motor, cleaned up all the new wiring and polished all the Aluminum.

I Really love how this one came together, fun project and we always love getting a car back on the streets.