1968 Camaro

1968 Camaro - best laid plans

 the 68 came to us for very minor work, after being bought at an auction the customer noticed that the rear brakes were sticking. it came in for the small repairs and our 82 point inspection. apon inspection we sadly had to inform the customer of the list of things wrong with the car. it now turned into almost a full restoration, minus paint and a few other small things. the metal floors were fully replaced due to covered rust. full interior restoration and modification. top end of the motor was rebuilt, new transmission, rear brakes and suspension were changed or modified. new wheel and tire package installed. the car was fully re-wired after finding some poor wiring under the dash. we never like giving our customers bad news, however sometimes a car is not what it seems at first. we are very proud we were able to help this customer get their car to the condition it should have been.


Nice Look

The 68 had a great look when it first came in and seemed to only have a few little problems with it. Sadly as we did our inspection more and more problems showed themselves. This is very common. We do our best to walk every customer over this. Sometimes where things get built corners are cut. We try to find those problems, inform the customer, and we all decide where to go with the project from there.


Too Much Red

With all the problems we found with the car our customer chose to add some more custom to the car. We started removing all the interior to fix the floors and change the look inside. Once all of the problems were found, our customer wanted to get more bang for their buck. Interior is out already, let’s update it!

Below you can see some before and after photos. The seats are a huge change from stock to the new custom black.



Here you see the classic style of the 3 piece Rally Wheel, white letter BFG tires cover the outside for a truly legendary muscle car look.


Back in Black

Rear seats given the same look at the front round out the totally new custom look and feel inside. Nice thick materials are used and heavy stitching add to the new tough look. Red accent stitching and red materials behind the metal rivets make it just a touch more custom.

Fun car to build, it's always hard to find so much wrong with a car that seems so nice and done. Lucky we got a chance to build this cool 68.