1967 Mustang

1967 mustang coupe- built from scratch pro touring style cruzer/weekend racer.

This mustang was built with the track in mind. full TCP control arms, tcp manuel rack, TCp anti-sway bars, upper shock tower connector and coil overs. Wilwood brakes were added to all 4 coners and plumbed to a polished Wilwood brake master. it was lowered about 6" to give it the meaner look. the 289 was freshened up and edlebrock intake, Holley carb, msd ignition where all added for a little more cornering power. a set of 3.73 posi gears helped the rear tires go all connected buy a heavly built c4 trans. the interior was restored back to its stock glory with all the parts being refinished or replaced. the factory seats were recovered to look stock but had extra foam on the sides to give them a more race seat feel. the exterior was repainted its factory lime gold. the emblems were removed while fixing any body damage to give a cleaner more modern look. the "thunderbolt" hood was added for more room so a roots blower could be installed down the road. this was a very fun car to build and blend the race track with the factory parts being restored. it was a great driver around town and was still able to more than hold it's own at the track.



Ruff Start

The '67 was left for dead for about 15 years when it was found. Faded and broken, sitting on blocks, it still could be saved. These are some of the most rewarding cars to build. Sitting dead and ready for a second chance. Always amazing what time and the sun will do to a car.


Glimmer of Hope

Under all the layers of red, the bad paint and the poor body work a shinny part of factory paint was seen. Lime Gold would be the color of this car, bringing it back to the way it was and should be. Most of the time a customer has a very set plan for their build. Sometimes, like this ‘67 the final car reveals itself to you.

Below you can see some very dramatic before and afters. Once a great car had been left so long and forgotten about it had all but fallen apart. We love the way this car looked before compared to the after. A great way to show off what can be done with hard work and a clear vision of the car.


Back to Life

The car was stripped down, fixed up and given a new coat of the Legendary Lime. Modern base coat and clear coat was used along with some extra wet sanding to give this classic a modern shine.


Green Monster

"One of my favorite cars we have ever rebuilt"- Josh Oyler This car rolling down the street most people would never believe how far it had gone to have to come back. Great paint, modern handling and one hell of a fun car. You can see in this photo the extreme shock tower brace, the tops of the adjustable coil-overs and the massive air filter to help this monster breathe.

Fully restored, some parts classic, others race and extreme. Every part, saved.