1967 GTO

1967 gto single owner full build

 this 1967 gto was brought to us by the man that bought the car in '67 wow. a totally original, single owner gto is something you don't see too much anymore. the car was set to be 100% returned to its former glory all the way down to the redline tires. red with black interior it couldn't go wrong. we spent our time restoring as many parts as we could, saving what was not too far gone. it was our total pleasure to build this classic american car and bring the owners back to 1967.


The GTO came into the shop as a totally stock, single owner car

In this photo you can see the car was all there, just needed to be brought back to life. The paint had faded because of the sun. Interior cracked and faded. Suspension was soft and old.


Body work taking shape

The GTO had some normal areas of rust and some body damage from 50 years of use, it was not anything out of the norm that we wouldn’t plan on seeing. The car had never been re-painted so the customer chose to not fully strip and sandblast. The paint was taken down to the point we could see and repair any damage.

Below is a slideshow of some before and afters, they really look great on this car as it is only restored so you can really see the old and new as the same parts just refinished and fresh.


The factory 400 was given a minor restore

Everything really ran great on the car, we just freshened the paint, changed a few seals, rebuilt the factory carb. and installed a more modern and reliable ignition. Replacing the points ignition really makes the car fun to drive.


Single owner GTO

Not something you see everyday, it was our pleasure to bring this great car back to its glory. We always listen to the customer and give them what they want. We never push our plan or ideas. Most of us here like crazy and extreme hot rods. But, a simple, factory correct restoration was right for this car.

Below are a few photos of the GTO all done, it was a great car to restore for even better people.