1966 Mustang

1966 Mustang-partial restoration  

1966 mustang convertible came in as a half way rebuilt car. no interior, new drivetrain half installed. we installed all new pony interior, finished building of the motor, installed a modern t-5 transmission, custom exhaust, convertible top was re-covered and restored a range of parts over the build. we also installed a custom a/c unit, rebuilt the factory heater box and installed a power steering rack. installed a custom made oyler monte carlo bar to help handling. converted it to an electric fan to clean up the engine bay while helping with the strain of the a/c. fun car to build and hard to beat a convertible red mustang.


Needs some things

This '66 came in with more missing than there, but a great base to start with. Sometimes one of the hardest things in building hot rods is trying to find a starting point. Figuring out what parts we have, what we need, and what needs to be fixed.


302 under that hood

Waiting to be woken up was a nice little 302 ready to once again cruz the streets. A motor is a huge part of a build,how the car feels, and the power it puts out. However, you don’t always need a monster motor. Sometimes, a nice little, built engine is just what the doctor ordered.

Below are a few before and after photos of this build, they really have more of a nothing and done feel on this one.


Classic Mustang

Just a great classic look of the pony interior in red, when you sit in a car like this you can't help but feel like you are cruz'n around in the 60's. Vinyl, wood grain, chrome, and even A/C. This car was built to be enjoyed.


Little more bang

The factory 302 was given a little more bang and comfort. We upgraded the intake, carb and ignition. Installed one of our custom made Oyler monte carlo bars and even installed a custom built A/C system. It is rare that you find A/C on a car with the strut tower brace due to clearance. We build a custom bracket for the compressor to lower it 2 inch to help everything fit.

This true classic Mustang came in missing some things and somethings half done. It takes a little more time to fish over other peoples work but we are always happy to help our customers get another great American classic back on the road.